As audit specialists we are approved by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority to carry out the following inspections:



  • Regular audits
  • Restricted audit


Inspections relating to Special Statutory Provisions

  • Inspections relating to the Money Laundering Act (GwG) for SRO
  • Special audits (flotations, capital increases, liquidations)
  • Special audits in accordance with company law
  • Inspections in accordance with the Merger Act
  • Inspection of staff benefit plans
  • Inspection of foundation accounts
  • Inspection of non-profit organisations
  • Distributor audits (SAF guidelines)


Specialist Assignments

  • Analysis of assets, finance and profitability
  • Business analysis, expert opinion and second opinion
  • Internal auditing assignments
  • Inspection of internal control systems (ICS) and risk   assessments
  • Prevention and clarification of fraudulent transactions
  • Quality assurance assessments (peer reviews) on audit companies
  • Audit of compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS guidelines)


Well-founded know-how in the financial services sector and multidisciplinary collaboration with experts in other sectors guarantees that you will receive professional advice and comprehensive service at all times.



Our fees are calculated in accordance with the levels customary in the sector, in principle according to the amount of time required. We will be pleased to provide you with a quotation on request.



Please note that only the German version is legally binding.