I. Active memberships (supervised members) of the VQF

The following types of active membership of the Association are available based on Art. 3 Paras. 1 and 2 of the VQF Association By-laws.


II. Passive membership (non-supervised members) of the VQF

In accordance with Art. 3 Para. 3 of the VQF Association By-lawspersons who are not supervised by the VQF can join the Association as "VQF passive members" (friends and supporters of the Association). A number of banks, other organisations and private individuals are passive members of the VQF.


As a "VQF passive member" you receive the access to the protected members' area of the website free of charge, i.e. access to helpful information, documents etc. for members concerning the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the rules of professional conduct for asset managers.


In addition you receive the periodically published newsletter "VQF News" free of charge as well as an invitation to the Annual General Meeting. You also have access to the directory of members of the VQF. Passive members only pay the annual membership contribution determined by the Annual General Meeting. 


III. Forms

You find all forms in the section VQF Downloads.




Please note that only the German version is legally binding.