The concept of the AMLA envisages that financial intermediaries in the so-called "alternative financial sector" (also known as the parabanking sector) should be able to create organisations in their own mutual interest which set out in concrete terms the implementation of their duties pursuant to the AMLA for their sector, control member compliance with duties pursuant to the AMLA and impose sanctions and measures in the event of non-compliance.


As an independent, integrated centre of competence for compliance, (in addition to its function as a self-regulatory organisation pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, see SRO heading) the VQF is also an Industry Organisation for independent Asset Managers (hereinafter: "BOVV") with "rules of professional conduct for the practice of asset management " officially recognised by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) since 23 April 2009 and offers you the corresponding supervisory service.


These rules of professional conduct of the VQF BOVV regulate the content of the asset management agreement and how it must be implemented (asset manager's duty of trust, information and due diligence towards the customer and regulation of the asset manager's compensation). Hence due attention is paid to the protection of investors.



Please note that only the German version is legally binding.